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The Carpyz Wheel

Combines a Turbo, a Propeller and two circular reactors

Patent WO 2019/192871

The Carpyz wheel is a propeler

The rotation of the Carpyz wheel sucks in air.
The wheel blades make the air pass through by kinetic energy.

The rotation generates a forward thrust.

Like a turbine, the Carpyz Wheel circulates air through hollow blades

The rotation causes the air to enter the front in the centre in a circular chamber.

From this chamber, hollow blades, with two independent channels inside, emerge and open into a peripheral circular chamber with slots surrounding the Carpyz Wheel.

The air circulates by centrifugal force through these blades to the peripheral chamber.

The circular chamber projects the fluid into the environment, which acts as a reaction.

The Carpyz Wheel also circulates a second fluid in its hollow blades

An energetic fluid is injected from behind.

The fluid also flows through the hollow blades in the second channel to the peripheral chamber.

The Carpyz Wheel has a double circular reactor

The propeller drives the wheel forward.
The slots at the rear project the air and the energy fluid into the surrounding environment as it rotates and accentuate the rotation by this double reaction.
The axial thrust is then greatly increased by this double reaction force all around the wheel.

The CARPYZ wheel (propeller, turbine, 2 reactors) can provide a high thrust, much higher than the current single propellers.

The Carpyz Turbine

Significant progress in efficiency
to generate power

Patent WO 2014/067823

The Carpyz turbine is close to the principle of the Pelton turbine

A fluid enters at the front in a fixed duct as in a windsock.

The duct is surrounded by spiral blades that turn and rotate the fluid.

The Carbyz Turbine is a strong power generator.

At the outlet of the duct the fluid hits spoon-shaped blades located all around a wheel.

The rotation of the wheel provides mechanical, hydraulic and electrical energy.

This energy can be captured by a generator (G) placed at the rear in the centre.

The Carpyz Engine Thruster

By associating its technological disruptions, Carpyz has designed a new type of engine, operating with only electricity and hydrogen.

Patent WO 2018/202738

The Carpyz thruster starts with the Carpyz Wheel's rotation.

At the front, an internal electric motor starts the rotation of the wheel.

The air sucked in by the propeller flows through
as in a conventional engine and produces forward traction.

At the same time, part of the air (combustion agent) and an energetic fluid (hydrogen) are centrifuged by the Carpyz wheel and projected by the peripheral chamber to a combustion chamber.

At the same time, part of the air (combustion agent) is centrifuged by the Carpyz wheel and projected to a combustion chamber, where hydroegn is also injected from an external source.

The combustion of air and hydrogen generates large volumes of gas.

The combustion gases are then directed to a turbine, which follows the CARPYZ principles.

The energy produces a propulsive thrust while being reused by a generator to produce electricity.

The thruster is equipped with an electric motor and an electric generator.
The rotors are mounted on individual coaxial shafts which are not connected to each other in rotation (althought they can be).


CARPYZ allows an optimisation of the thrust and a better capture of energy. We are convinced that the products we conceptualise, design, make-up and test in the laboratory can lead to major developments in various fields.


Naval sector

Propulsion of vehicles

We are also working to make progress in hydrogen electric thrusters without fossil fuels.

Numerous patents cover each of these products.

The patents are extended to the 15 most industrialised countries.

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